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Dr. Frances Klemperer

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About Dr. Frances Klemperer…

Dr. Frances Klemperer has led outpatient and inpatient services in a wide range of NHS contexts for over twenty years. She currently runs a specialist ADHD clinic at the Central and North-West London NHS Mental Health Trust.

She spent several years providing psychiatric and psychotherapeutic services to the international community in Brussels. She is a Tutor and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at Imperial College Medical School and a member of the General Medical Council’s panel of specialist medical assessors.

She holds the Institute of Psychiatry’s qualification in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, a field in which she is recognised by the Royal College of Psychiatrists as having special expertise.

Her combined knowledge of psychiatry and psychotherapy allows her to make comprehensive assessments of her patients’ life difficulties and devise treatment plans that can deliver medical and psychotherapeutic remedies, both separately and in combination.


Monday Afternoons
T. 020 3920 6252
E. appointments@drklemperer.co.uk

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