Wilbraham Place Practice Practitioners: Shirin Elling

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About Shirin…

Shirin Elling brings a wealth of bodywork experience to Wilbraham Place Practice.

Shirin completed her BSc (Hons): Health Sciences in 1999 at the University of Westminster, London. She specialised in bodywork and continues to use the acquired advanced techniques to achieve excellent results for her clients.

After 8 years of working as a freelance massage therapist in 5* hotels and spas in London, she opened her own business. Earthspa was an extremely popular treatment centre with a loyal customer following in Belgravia, London and ran for 14 years. The business was sold in December 2017.

Shirin is available at Wilbraham Place Clinic every Wednesday between 2pm – 8pm.

She has spent over 25 years working on a wide range of clients from professional athletes to stressed out executives, treating them for a variety of conditions which include:

  • Increase mobility in muscles and joints
  • Hip problems – e.g. ease sciatica
  • Leg tension – release of hamstrings and IT bands
  • Relief of neck stiffness
  • Shoulders – facilitate joint movement
  • Treat general aches and pains
  • Create a state of relaxation in the body


Wednesday between 2pm – 8pm



£130 = 60 mins
£65 = 30 mins

A session includes both a consultation and treatment time.