Wilbraham Place Practice Practitioners: Carsten Uth

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About Carsten…

I have always been interested in the body and what it is able to do. Since childhood, I have been fascinated by anatomy books and have been studying this topic ever since. Via a stint of studying music history (it turned out that I had more interest than talent), I studied Physiotherapy in Denmark. Places of work have included Sweden and Spain, before embarking on a post graduate Physiotherapy degree in the UK. I have settled here and started Physiotherapy In Chelsea over 10 years ago. I am still keen on music and take lessons – in addition to this I am a keen outdoors sportsman.

Some of the Physiotherapy services include…

  • Painful conditions of the spine and limbs
  • Manipulative, rehabilitative and Sports Physiotherapy
  • Shock wave therapy
  • Ergonomics Consultancy


Carsten treats a wide range of conditions, ranging from lower back, neck/shoulder problems, and limb pains to sports injuries.
Some problems will be related to long working hours and/or poor posture, while others will be due to sporting injuries. With many years’ experience in private Physiotherapy practice, Carsten has treated a full complement of sports injuries for both amateur and professional athletes, as well as work-related conditions, for all age groups.


Monday mornings


1 hour – £140
30 minutes – £70
24 Hr Cancellation Policy – Full Fee Payable